Agri Business Development

The NAMC strategic placement and relationship with public and private institutions built over many years enabled the Agribusiness Development division in facilitating programmes that have the potential to achieve the government outcomes. The Agribusiness Development division of the NAMC was established in 2006 to collaborate with various institutions both nationally and internationally in designing and implementing programmes that are aimed at increasing market access, encouraging new business development and capacity building of historically disadvantaged enterprises.

Key Programs;

Development Schemes; Development Schemes were designed and implemented to uplift black producers in the agricultural sector and to encourage their integration into the commercial mainstream. The schemes included Vineyard Scheme, Grain and Oilseeds Scheme and Groundnuts Development Scheme.

Training; The NAMC sponsors and coordinates for emerging farmers to attend courses tailor-made to their business. We collaborate with various industry bodies including colleges, business and provincial agricultural departments.

Market Information; Market Information involves the process of converting printed agricultural news material into broadcast. The NAMC in partnership with Legwalalala Fm hosts a daily agricultural slot every morning to inform emerging farmers of the latest trends and movements in the sector. This is one of the ways NAMC addresses access to markets.

Projects managed by the division include;

AgriBiz Training for Women Entrepreneurs

The NAMC and Market Matters have a standing MOU focused on empowering women entrepreneurs from the continent. This stems from a research activity that indicated that South African women in rural areas actually form the backbone of economic activity in those hinterland areas. Thus the NAMC in conjunction with Market Matters, SAWEN, Land Bank and other institutions rallied together and designed a course specially aligned to the objectives of the programme.

The entire training programme covers subjects on marketing, finance, strategic, cooperatives, securing finance for your business and basic fundamentals on how to develop a business plan.
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SADC Supply Chain Logistics Programme
The Supply Chain Logistics Programme is project funded by the Flemish Government, International Trade Centre and the NAMC. It was launched in 2010 with the objective to integrate small agro-business into regional supply chains. These include the certification process in order to be complaint with GlobalGap and SAGap, market linkages to provide access to local retailers and stores. The SCLP focus is on stone and pome fruit farmers in the Ceres and Grabouw areas in the Western Cape Province. Core to the program’s outcomes is providing technical assistance to the 15 beneficiaries on water application, pest and disease control interventions, harvesting techniques and fruit thinning practices.

Market Information
In pursuit of achieving our strategic objectives the NAMC established a program called Market Information. Market Information is the idea of translating available agricultural data into one of the country’s indigenous languages. As a precautionary measure, the NAMC targeted one public radio station Phalaphala FM that caters for people in the Limpopo Province. Every weekday on Tuesday at 4h00 am NAMC presents the latest agricultural news, trends prices and on various commodities. Airtime on radio is free however the NAMC pays for the presenter who compiles and presents to information. This information is broadcast to farmers across the province. The success of the Phalaphala FM initiative has demonstrated the need to also target other SABC radio stations. The process of engaging with other radio is under way and the NAMC is aiming to have at least two more Market Information programmes of this nature. For more information contact Precious Nengwekhulu: